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7 Fun Activities To Relieve Stress

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Are you finding yourself stressed out? Finding a fun activity is key to managing stress levels. Richmond health coach Sarah Brawley offers seven ideas, from coloring to journaling, for fun activities you can do to relieve stress. 

1. Color in an adult coloring book.

So the first thing is coloring. Adult coloring books have really popped up over the last couple of years, I know personally, I love to color. So grab yourself a coloring book, get some crayons or colored pencils and go for it.

You can also listen to some music while you're doing it. Your phone might also have some apps that you could download and you can color on your phone if that's something that you prefer.

2. Create your own stress ball.

The second thing is create your own stress putty or a stress ball. So you can simply Google "how to create your own stress putty." There are tons of different recipes out there. You could also add some essential oils to it, things like lavender that are going to be a good aroma, and really help you relax and work out that stress.

One way you can make your own stress ball at home is by simply taking a balloon and a funnel and then getting some sand or rice and filling that balloon up with whatever you have that would work well. Tie it off and then you have your own homemade stress ball.

3. Take a walk with a family member or friend. 

The third thing you could do is walk with a friend or a family member. Walking outside, in nature, especially as the weather is starting to get warmer, is a great way to work up some endorphins. And then also just being able to talk with a friend or a family member about what's going on in life, and maybe they can provide some perspective, guidance, or advice, or just really be a listening ear.

4. Listen to music. 

Another thing that you can do is listen to some music, whether that is putting in some headphones or turning your speakers on. Listening to music that really makes you feel good, and puts you in a good mood, will help relieve whatever stress that you're dealing with. You can also maybe dance if you want to, that's up to you,

5. Do yoga or meditation.

You could also do some yoga or meditation. I know on our PartnerMD website, our Health Coaches Yvonne and Lindsey, they both have some different meditations and yoga that you can check out, those are really great.

There are also different apps out there that you could download for meditation, and then for yoga, you can always go to YouTube, or check out a class in your area at a local yoga studio.

6. Exercise. 

It doesn't have to be at the gym. You could always meet up with some friends or family for a game of ultimate frisbee, soccer, basketball, whatever you really enjoy. That's a great way for you to get a good workout in, have some endorphins, and then just meet up with some friends and spend some quality time with them.

7. Journal. 

And then the last thing that you could do is journal. Sometimes it really is helpful just to write out what's on your mind, what's stressing you out, getting it out on paper.

That way, it's out of your mind and out of your head. And that way you can also write down a list of things that you're grateful for.

You could do this at the beginning of the day, or at the end of the day, that way you have time to reflect before you start your day or time to reflect on your day and before you go into your next day. Being able to write down what you're grateful for can give you a little bit perspective about what's going on in life.

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